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Universal Feeds for Goats

Simplify Work on the Farm, Reduce Feed Waste, and Increase Output

Your goat herd is growing, and you’re looking for your next goat feeder! If you’re considering a new goat feeder or saliva lick feeder or maybe you’ve never considered a lick feeder at all! You’re in the right place. With a Universal Feeder, you can simplify work on the farm, reduce feed waste, and increase output in your farming operation, all while improving herd health.

A durable Universal Feeder can give you flexibility in providing supplemental feed to suckling young goats or any-time access for adult goats with just a few simple adjustments to the feeder based on your herd’s needs.

Universal Feeders goat feeders have been tried and tested by pioneers in the goat farming industry. This feeder manufacturer was started by farmers who recognized a need for quality, durable feeders for ruminants (including goats) of all sizes.

Reduced Feed Waste, Better Grazing

As you know, goats are prone to overeating, frequently exacerbated by “routine” feeding cycles where feed is only available twice or three times daily. Additionally, bully animals crowd out younger or smaller animals during routine feedings, meaning that feed and nutrition may not be distributed properly across the herd.

With a Universal Feeder saliva lick feeder, this issue is resolved entirely, allowing animals to eat only what they need before returning to pasture grazing. Because they can access food at any time, goats have less pressure to gorge themselves when feed is available.

Improved Herd Health and Lower Stress

With less pressure at mealtime to eat what they can, research has shown that ruminant herds with saliva lick feeders experience less stress at the same time that nutrition improves. The process enhances rumen development and maintenance, meaning better grazing and pasture use on your farm.

Greater Farm Efficiency

Take one more thing off your workload with a continuously available food source for your goats rather than timely feeding needs throughout the week.

Research has shown that animals with a saliva lick feeder tend to grow more efficiently and to larger size through optimized rumen development and pasturing, meaning greater topline potential. Additionally, reduced feed waste saves substantial costs in goat-raising and makes for significantly better feed conversions.

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