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Universal Feeders 4200L

Model 4200L
Length: 92.7″
Width: 62″
Height: 75.6″
Weight: 1,188 lb
Feeder Capacity ~119.5 bu
Capacity Shelled Corn: 6,692 lbs
Stocking rate w/ Feeder on Pasture: 180 / 40 head per feeder
Stocking rate, if Feeder Dependent: 150 / 35 head per feeder

What if you could make sure your sheep were getting the right amount of supplemental feed or grain without monitoring volume throughout the day or week? What if there was a way to get your herd proper nutrition with less feed waste and less stress (on you and your sheep!)?

Universal Feeders are the perfect solution! Universal Feeders feature a unique saliva lick feeder system that ensures animals only eat what they need and when they need it. With a saliva lick feeder and optional ad-lib functionality, you’re getting a feeder that works effortlessly, for better nutrition and better economics, simplifying work on the farm, reducing feed waste, and increasing output in your farming operation, all while improving herd health.

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