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CLEARANCE: Hi-Hog Palp Cage


Adjustable Palpation Cage

Length: 37”
Height: 80”
Width: 35-5/8”
Weight: 230 lbs

Safe and secure access to your cattle

The heavy duty non-adjustable palpation cage includes access gates on both sides of the palpation cage. Each 66″ high access gate comes with a spring-loaded slam-latch. For operator safety, the plunger on the slam-latch engages automatically when the gate is closed. Both of the access gates can be swung into the palpation cage where they latch securely across the alley to block animals in the lead-up alley. Both of the access gates can also be swung out of the palpation cage. This allows the palpation cage to also act as a sorting alley for small animals.

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