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Set Up Outlook On Mac

    1. Open Outlook. (Don’t have the app? Here’s how to download it.)
    2. From the menu bar, select Outlook > Preferences.
      Select Outlook and then select Preferences
    3. Select Accounts.
      Select Accounts
    4. Select + (plus) > New account.

Select + and select New account

 Note: You might need to choose your account type as Work/School to continue.

  1. Enter your email address and select Continue.
    Enter your email address, select Continue
  2. Enter your email password and select Sign in.
    Enter your password, select Sign In
  3. Select Done. If you have more than one account, decide which account you want to set as the default.
    Select Done

Your account will display, and your email will load, which can take a few minutes.

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